Basilica Paleocristiana (Chiesa dell’Annunziata)

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The church is located near the Museo Archeologico di Paestum close to the seventeenth century Palazzo Vescovile. Initially conceived as an “open” basilica, between the V-VI century when Paestum changed from being a Roman colony to becoming an episcopal see, the edifice became more of a “closed” basilica. Therefore its stratification is very interesting: Byzantine period elements add up to Pagan decoration and architectural elements. The church, abandoned many times and in bad state during the centuries, was then restored in the seventeenth century giving the structure Baroque shapes. The building presents an elegant seventeenth century façade and inside three naves divided by ancient columns that, after being incorporated in the pillars during the Baroque period, came back to light after recent restrations.


Via Fratelli Arenella - Capaccio, Paestum


Fonte: Regione Campania - Assessorato Turismo e Beni Culturali